The SAFA School is currently a 6-Month program headquartered in Colorado Springs designed to raise up young leaders for spiritual breakthrough. Thus our curriculum has been carefully constructed in order to teach and impart the core principles and practicals that are fundamental to growth in the place of contending prayer.

At the very core of the SAFA Program is the conviction that Biblical teaching must be transferred through experiential, transformative impartation. As a reflection of this belief, the curriculum consists of two core phases: training and outreach. Our training introduces the Biblical foundations for intercession, while our outreach reinforces these convictions through real-life, hands-on, breakthrough situations. The program gravitates around our 'outreach' [prayer strikes]: intercessory assignments into the hardest and darkest places for spiritual breakthrough.


  • Contending Intercession Paradigm

  • SAFA Vision and Values

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Doctrinal Foundations

  • Spiritual Formations and Leadership Development

3 Months: phase 2

  • Contend Gatherings and Stadium Campaigns

  • 40/21 Day Prayer Strikes

  • City and Campus Tours

  • Prayer Assignments

Lou and I were on an aircraft carrier, pinning wings on flyers. We knew that they had learned more through impartation than through teaching.”
— Chris Berglund, dream