Our mandate is to raise up intercessors who will establish the kingdom and supremacy of Christ in the earth.

SAFA exists to train and equip young leaders to advance the Kingdom of God through fasting and prayer.

As a training program, the Spiritual Air Force Academy is designed to cultivate men and women who are rooted and grounded in the love of Christ, who walk in the authority of Christ, and who will establish the supremacy of Christ in the nations of the earth. We are deeply convicted that contending, authoritative prayer must be coordinated with domestic initiatives and apostolic missions for the effective penetration of the Gospel and the discipling of nations. We are laboring for a release of this revolutionary strategy in modern missions: sending deployments of contending prayer to pave the way for revival and foreign missions. First, sweep the skies, then take the land with the unhindered power of the Gospel.

The Global Headquarters of the SAFA Movement is based in Colorado Springs.