Through mass gatherings of fasting and prayer, TheCall shifted policies and powers in our nation and the nations of the earth. Launched out of TheCall, Contend is seeking to bring this expression to the next generation.

Contend’s SAFA School is committed to raise up young leaders who carry the sound and message of TheCall to the next generation through intensive discipleship, immersive lifestyle and breakthrough outreaches.


Our vision is to establish the Kingdom of God in the earth by contending against every ideology that exalts itself against the supremacy of Christ.


TheCall SAFA School exists to train and equip young leaders to advance the Kingdom of God through fasting and prayer.

The Lord showed me that out of me would come a YWAM-type movement, connected to YWAM, but also separate. Our mandate is to raise up a global house of prayer that contends against every other house that exalts itself against the knowledge and supremacy of Christ.
— Lou Engle, spiritual father to the vision of SAFA